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Before asking a question:
a) Read the manual - Free Edition / Paid products (requires Adobe Reader)
b) Check the FAQ - Free Edition / Paid products
c) Search this forum

Make sure to read through this announcement

It is highly possible that your question has already been answered before. By searching the forum content including Announcement & Sticky posts, manuals, FAQ's you may get your answer immediately.

The type of info to include with your question is:

IMPORTANT: If you do not have something that is listed below as needed info (i.e. firewall or other protection software as an example )... please state that you do not have any. Not saying anything isn't the same as actually saying that you don't have it.

Post the following information at the beginning of your post... Then describe the issue/problem as well as you can.

Info Needed for All Problems

Windows version (XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc...)
AVG version & virus db version (found in the lower left hand corner of the AVG windows) or (User Interface -> Support -> Version)
Other antivirus software installed / previously uninstalled (if any)
Other protection software installed
The exact error message you are getting (if any)

Additional Info needed for specific problems

E-Mail related problems
Email Client you are using
Which AVG E-mail Scanner plugin is installed (how to find out)
E-mail server protocol used (POP3/IMAP/Exchange)
Internet connection type (dial-up, proxy or broadband info)
Who is the provider of your Internet connection (your ISP)
Is the email server different from your ISP, if so who/what provides it.
Spam filter software installed
Firewall software installed

Virus and other infection problems
Infection file and path (post it exactly as given by AVG)
- False positive detection suspicions may be reported as described here.

Internet and browser related problems
Internet browser and it's version
Websites you were browsing/trying to connect to.
Internet connection type (cable, dsl, proxy info and/or dialup modem)
List of installed browser addons
Also please test the same websites with a different browser if you can - was the result the same?

Update problems
Firewall software installed
Internet connection type (dial-up, proxy or broadband info)
Who is the provider of your Internet connection (your ISP)
+ upload the "avgupd.log" and "avgupdm.log" files in an archive to the forum or some online storage for brief analysis as described in this how-to article.

Installation problems
The most recent AVG installation log files
We recommend following AVG uninstall/reinstall instructions (Free Edition / Home paid products) carefully, if you experience installation difficulties.