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January 13, 2010 04:05 Error Running AVG Free 9.0 (Fix) On XP #57143


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I often load or update computers for people. Lately on two different computers a message came up saying, "the application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. . ." The message then suggested reinstalling the program to fix the error. In neither case did reinstalling fix the problem. After searching first through a search engine and through this forum, I did not find much information of use or at least in getting the program to work correctly. Within a response (fairly recent, but already several pages back) I found the answer. Apparently when a computer which has not gotten all the service packs installed in order, in other words freshly loaded with Service Pack 3, the runtime files from Microsoft are not present, but can be downloaded from Microsoft. The file name is VCREDIST_x86.exe. Running this after downloading it allowed the program to open and to update. I was ready to reload everything on my father's computer to try to fix the issue. His was loaded originally using Service Pack 2 and updated to SP3. Please leave this note searchable because after seeing this on two computers (one desktop and one laptop), I could not find the phrase when searching on this forum. I hope this helps others before they also pull their hair out trying to find a solution (and I am nearly bald, though not necessarily from this). cool