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AVG Firewall automatic profile switch

AVG Forums users reported their firewall profile is unexpectedly changed after restarting the computer. The profile change is usually performed by AVG automatic area detection and profile switch, based on the detected area and earlier specified characteristics of the area. More information about the feature can be found in this FAQ article. If the automatic switch is not working as expected, user can alter the configuration manually:

A) If the computer is connected to the same network all the time (e.g. it is not a laptop computer), it is perfectly safe to disable the automatic profile switch.
Proceed as follows to disable the automatic profile switch:
1. Open the AVG user interface and press F7.
2. Select Areas and Adapters profiles.
3. Tick the Disable area detection and automatic profile switch option.
4. Click OK to save changes.
After the profile switch is deactivated, simply select a suitable firewall profile manually.

B) If the computer connects to different networks, the configuration could be manually tuned:
1. Open the AVG user interface and press F7.
2. Select Areas and Adapters profiles.
3. At first, check whether there is a correct profile assigned to the problematic network area:
- Find the network area in the list and make sure the desired profile is selected.
- Click the profile to make any changes as seen on this screenshot.
4. Try using only one set of heuristic algorithms.
- Untick either the Use AVG heuristics for new networks detection or the Use Microsoft heuristics for new networks detection option.
5. Click OK to save changes and check the situation.
6. If the situation is not rectified, try repeating step 4; this time activating the other heuristics.
Should you require additional assistance, please do not hesitate contacting AVG technical support or describe the issue in AVG Forums.

AVG Rescue CD

AVG Forums users sometimes require more detailed information on how to create AVG Rescue CD, an universal system recovery tool suitable for removing infections from non-booting systems. We recommend our simple video tutorial which explains the process in a few moments.
If you seek more information on how to work with the created AVG Rescue CD, please see this AVG Rescue CD guide which describes the most important features in details.
Should you face any technical difficulties while using AVG Rescue CD, we invite you to discuss the situation in AVG Forums.

AVG 2012 update/installation freezing

The previously reported update or installation process freezing caused by outdated root certificates is rectified in the most recent AVG program update. Please update your AVG or use the most recent installation package should you face a similar issue.
We also recommend installing latest root certificates, regardless the issue is rectified by updating AVG. Root certificates are used by other software and it is generally recommended to keep them updated. Please see one of these FAQ article for more information:
AVG Free Edition
AVG paid for versions
Should you require any assistance, please contact AVG technical support or describe the issue in AVG Forums.

Disabling AVG Secure Search after removing the AVG Security Toolbar

A few AVG users mentioned that the AVG Secure Search configuration remains present after removing the AVG Security Toolbar (more information on removing the AVG Security Toolbar can be found in this FAQ article). The procedures described in the previous weekly overview were not able to remove search provider remnants completely from all the browsers, therefore we have updated the procedures and posted them in AVG Forums. Please refer to this AVG Forums thread, if you wish to change the default search provider in your browser(s).
Should you need any assistance removing the AVG Secure Search provider from your browser(s), please contact AVG technical support or describe the issue in AVG Forums.

Anti-Virus not active?

AVG Forums visitors sometimes report AVG Anti-Virus component is inactive. This issue is usually caused by hardware failure. We recommend running memory and hard drive tests to check your hardware health should you face similar situation. If the tests reveal that any of the RAM modules or hard drives is faulty, please consult local computer repair shop or your computer vendor for further guidance. The respective faulty component will need to be replaced.
If the hardware appears to be perfectly healthy and the issue persists, please contact AVG technical support to allow us investigate the issue.

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