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August 18, 2011 14:28 Before You Post Here, Read This! #171202
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Please read the Before Posting On Forum informative announcement before posting a technical query and provide moderators with all needed information.

You may also want to check the How To Ask For Help In AVG Forums articles if you are not familiar with our support forum.

Users of Mac OS should list the following information, when creating a new thread:

1) Version of Mac OS
2) Version of used browser
3) Output of command in - "avgctl --stat-all"
(this command shows status of AVG components and their versions)
4) Attach AVG logs from folder /opt/avg/avg9/log in an archive
5) Other security software installed (even if it is disabled)
6) Test the same websites with a different browser - was the result the same?
7) Internet connection type ( cable, dsl, dialup modem )

Thank you.