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January 19, 2010 18:56 Help! I Have A Virus And AVG Isn't Detecting. #58863
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Hi, I'm in high school and I got home from mid terms and I decided to watch a movie (beavis and butthead.. no porn or anything) on my computer. A pop up popped up while i was watching it and it said something about adobe so i clicked it and then i got an avg notification to send something to the virus vault so i said okay and it sent it and i deleted the virus. and then my computer started filling up with fake windows security alerts asking me to download virus protection and i know better than that of course. then i panicked and ran avg and after a full search of my computer, avg detected nothing.
i always got viruses from limewire and i finally stopped using it because its really expensive to keep fixing my computer and now when my mom gets home and sees that i have a virus shes going to be really p****d off at me and think i was using limewire again. please help me! i really would like this off my computer before she gets home
January 19, 2010 19:42 Re: Help! I Have A Virus And AVG Isn't Detecting. #58867
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If you think your system is infected.... Please read and follow the instructions in How To Clean An Infected Computer.

If you cannot download or update the utils on the infected system try downloading both the programs and their updates on another computer and then copy them to a CD, DVD or USB disk to use on the infected system.

If you do happen to find malware that AVG does not detect when cleaning the system, please follow these instructions What to do if you suspect a file, registry setting or website is infected and not currently detected by AVG

There isn't an anti-spyware util available that cleans everything. That's why the Announcement post How To Clean An Infected Computer recommends the use of AVG Free, MalwareByte's Anti-Malware & Spybot S&D.

If that doesn't help....

Please provide us more information about your system so that we may have it to base our suggestions on, see What information should I include?.

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