April 8, 2009 11:31 How To Register? #421


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To clarify the fundamental question about AVG Free Edition registration:

AVG Free Edition does NOT require users to get registered. Registration is required ONLY if you want to post or comment on any thread within the AVG Forums.

AVG Forums is set for read-only access to anyone without the need of registration. However, if you want to post a comment or raise a question related to AVG products....

The registration process is quite simple. You cannot transfer your registration from the 'Old Forum' to the 'New Forum'. The New Forum has been built on highly secure platform which means that the transfer of registration from the Old Forum to the New Forum wasn't feasible. To use the 'New Forum' you will have to re-register & your email address will become your login. You should be able to use your present username as your "Nickname". Once you are participating on the forum if you ever cannot find a post you have made, use the Forum Search and search by your user nickname or check out 'View all Posts' in your 'Profile'.

Fill in the Registration form.

Once finished, you will receive activation code to the e-mail address, you have entered.

Upon confirming the activation code, login using the selected credentials. Then, you will be prompted for entering AVG Forums related items (nickname is mandatory).

Afterwards, you will be redirected to the section browsed before.

In case of forgotten password, you can use the Password Resend page.

Also for future ref How To Change Your Forum Password.

Important! If your account was not activated, you will not be able to access the account. If you haven't received the activation e-mail, try to wait for a while or check your mailbox SPAM folder.