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October 24, 2009 17:28 AVG 9 Install Disrupts WUSB600N Adapter #26589
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I installed free AVG 9 on my HP laptop with built-in wireless N, and that worked fine.

I did the same install on my desktop computer which uses a WUSB600N v1 adapter, and after the restart, it leaves the adapter in a 'limited access' state. The adapter is still recognized, but it can't connect to my network. If I do a system restore to before the AVG 9 install, it is working again. Have tried this 3 times now.

Have also tried to re-install the WUSB600N adapter drivers post AVG 9 install, and that doesn't seem to work either.

Any plans on a new downloadable install that resolves this issue? Would be kinda hard to apply an update without being connected to the Internet(s) tounge
October 24, 2009 19:51 Re: AVG 9 Install Disrupts WUSB600N Adapter #26649
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Please provide us more information about your system so that we may have it to base our suggestions on, see What information should I include?

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