March 1, 2012 00:25 Rootkit? #194170
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Hi. Recently I have gotten AVG internet security, and just discovered the anti-rootkit scan. When I do an anti rootkit scan, results came up, and i removed them. However, I am unsure whether the files are rootkits or whether they are not. The files in question are:

C:/ Users/Me/Appdata/Local/Temp/avg-52f3746a-7dd1-4416-b483-922a3a523b78.tmp.mht
C:/ Users/Me/Appdata/Local/Temp/avg-ef4cb270-745f-4a62-9fdf-30321cda6717.tmp.mht

If they are rootkits, I'd like to ask another question. After i remove them, i'll do about 10 other scans, and nothing comes up. However, next afternoon when i do a scan i get this. Why?
March 1, 2012 08:51 Re: Rootkit? #194186
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Hello Yojameyo,

Scanning your computer with updated AVG Rescue CD may help to get rid of this kind of infection.

If you are suspecting that you are infected by some malicious software, please provide us with both Gmer scan results Msinfo output and AVG Anti-Virus scan results for further analysis.

Thank you

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