February 29, 2012 12:15 Win32/DH Infection #194109
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Since upgrading to AVG free 2012 I am getting 'Threat Detected' in the attached file. I have used this file / software for a long time for upload & download of files using the RS232 protocol. All the threats / information I receive when trying to acces the file is shown also in the attached PDF file. I still need to use the v24_w95.exe file as attached. I can get round the problem by putting the file as an exception in the resident shield, but would like to know why I am getting this warning as I believe this file to be not infected. Any help you can give would be most appreciated. I cannot upload the actual v24_w95.exe file as I get Form Validation Failed (Probably due to the virus AVG is detecting)
February 29, 2012 16:11 Re: Win32/DH Infection #194130
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Hello SimonCNC,

If you are suspecting that you are infected by some malicious software, please provide us with both Gmer scan results Msinfo output and AVG Anti-Virus scan results for further analysis.

Thank you

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