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iTunes store not accessible

A couple of AVG Family Safety users mentioned they cannot access the iTunes store. The situation has been rectified after removing AVG Family Safety. Should you face similar situation (with AVG Family Safety installed), please feel free to follow this procedure and post your feedback on AVG Forums.

YouTube Safety Mode with AVG Family Safety

A few users reported that the YouTube Safety Mode is not working with AVG Family Safety. The Safety Mode is enabled all the time when AVG Family Safety Safe Surf feature is turned on. The issue has been passed to developers for investigation.
As a temporary work-around, we recommend disabling the Safe Surf feature temporarily and deleting browser cookies as described here.

Trojan horse SHeur4.MTZ

We received few reports on Samsung driver software detected as the abovementioned Trojan horse. We can confirm the Trojan horse SHeur4.MTZ was a false alarm already removed with AVG virus database update released on 2012-01-08 11:02 GMT. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused by this incorrect detection.
Should you suspect a file is detected in error as malicious while it is in fact harmless, please do not hesitate sending the file to our virus specialists as described in this forum post.

AVG Mobilation: SIM change notification

Several AVG Mobilation users reported they have received notifications about SIM card change recently even though the SIM card was not replaced. Developers immediately disabled the SIM card change notification e-mails until the issue is investigated in details and rectified. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

AVG trial version installed instead of AVG Free Edition?

Please be informed that AVG Free Edition online installer allows either installation of AVG Free Edition or AVG Internet Security trial version (usage is limited to 30 days). Users sometimes install the AVG Internet Security trial version and are surprised by the 30-day license limitations. After the trial period is over, user can easily downgrade to AVG Free Edition if not interested in the Internet Security package.
When installing, user may choose the preferred package as seen on this AVG installation wizard screenshot.

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