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March 2, 2012 13:00 Weekly Overview: 10/2012 #194273
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AVG Mobilation widget not working

Several AVG Mobilation users reported the AVG Mobilation widget is not working properly, after the recent update. The widget is not displaying any information as seen this screenshot.
Our development team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix which will be distributed with one of the upcoming updates. Please rest assured the AVG Mobilation functionality is not affected by this widget malfunction at all, your devices are still fully protected.
Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

Threat detection on the iGoogle website

A couple AVG Forums visitors reported there is an infection detected by AVG on their personalized iGoogle web page. Brief investigation revealed that one of the IMDB plugins redirects user to an infected website. A rogue anti-virus software is offered on the re-directed website. AVG protected users from accessing the malicious website properly.
If AVG reports an infection on your personalized iGoogle website, please disable the displayed plugins one by one in order to pinpoint the detected one. We recommend informing developer of the plugin that it appears to be infected, if possible.
Contact AVG technical support if you need any assistance.

My website is infected!

Sometimes, we are contacted by website owners who are notified by their visitors that AVG detects a threat on one of their pages. The detection is usually correct, but the rogue code may be difficult to find for webmaster. Here you can find basic guidelines on how to remove an infection from your web pages and prevent them from being infected again.
If your web page is being infected repeatedly, we recommend contacting your hosting provider to investigate the server security measures. Detailed forensic investigation may be required in order to address all potential security weaknesses of the server.
Should you suspect your website is detected as malicious while in fact there is no malicious code on it, please contact our virus specialists as described in this AVG Forums post.
You can also get AVG Website Safety Badge for your website.

Spam posts at AVG Forums

AVG Forums visitors noticed high volume of spam in the beginning of the past week. As a temporary countermeasure, we enabled global post moderation – a post was visible on forum only after it is verified by moderator. We have improved our user verification process immediately to prevent spammers’ user accounts being registered easily.
The post moderation is again disabled at the time of writing this text. EDIT.. Presently re-enabled.

AVG Secure Search

The “Google secure search” term is still being frequently searched for at AVG Forums. It seems users could be confused by AVG Secure search even though we noticed no direct questions on this topic. Please be informed the search is powered by Google, only the results are checked at remote AVG server before displayed in your browser. Warning verdict icons are displayed with suspicious search results.
More information on disabling AVG Secure Search on newly opened tabs in Mozilla Firefox can be found in our previous feedbacks, for example here.
Please feel free to contact AVG technical support or ask at AVG Forums if you have specific questions about AVG Secure Search.

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