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December 11, 2011 13:44 Samsung Galaxy Mini - Can't Locate With Mobilation #184197
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I have downloaded Mobilation on my phone, Samsung Galaxy Mini, registered and followed the instructions. I cannot locate the phone remotely: message "Device location was not updated,
Please verify that the 'Location Service' check box is enabled under the 'Remote' settings." The check box is enabled.

The version numbers are: Version: 2.2.1:Antivirus

At first, Shout didn't work either but now it does.

Can you help, please?
December 11, 2011 19:09 Re: Samsung Galaxy Mini - Can't Locate With Mobilation #184214
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@ starry-eyed

In conjunction with AVG Tech Support the AVG Team are also now monitoring this new 'paid for' section of the new forum so someone should spot your posting! They may enter the forum @ anytime but perhaps not over the weekend. It may well be Monday morning. Look out for the AVG logo avatar! The AVG Team are based @ Brno in the Czech Rep but please bear in mind it's now Sunday evening there (Czech Rep time 20:09). Also have a look @ this Announcement post link How To Ask For Help In AVG Forum Extract.... Please be patient as AVG employees are available in CET working hours and you may not get an answer immediately.

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December 12, 2011 16:18 Re: Samsung Galaxy Mini - Can't Locate With Mobilation #184308
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Hello starry-eyed,

Please re-register your phone as follows:
1. Open AVG Mobilation.
2. Press the Menu key.
3. Tap the Remote button.
4. Tap the Registration button.
5. Type a Google account the you want to register with AVG Mobilation.
6. Wait for the registration to finish. A short message informing you about turning on the locator service will be shown.
7. Enable A-GPS on your device, if available (skip this step if you do not want to do this, for example when A-GPS means an extra cost on your monthly bill).
8. Go to the AVG Mobilation website, click Remote Management Login and try to locate your device.
- Localization of a device may take a few minutes (sometimes virtually impossible), if it is currently indoors.
Please let us know results.

Thank you.
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