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December 9, 2011 22:15 Remote Management Issues #184090
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Hi, today I tested the Remote functions of AVG Mobilation and none of them seem to work, except for the Shout command. *EDIT: The Scan command works also.*

Please can you provide support.
Also, there is NO OPERATORS listed for my phone mode.

Model: R800i (Sony Xperia Play)
AVG Version: 2.3.4

December 9, 2011 23:29 Re: Remote Management Issues #184101
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@ Milner132

In conjunction with AVG Tech Support the AVG Team are also now monitoring this new 'paid for' section of the new forum so someone should spot your posting! They may enter the forum @ anytime but perhaps not over the weekend. It may well be Monday morning. Look out for the AVG logo avatar! The AVG Team are based @ Brno in the Czech Rep but please bear in mind it's now very early Saturday morning there (Czech Rep time 00:29). Also have a look @ this Announcement post link How To Ask For Help In AVG Forum Extract.... Please be patient as AVG employees are available in CET working hours and you may not get an answer immediately.

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December 12, 2011 11:27 Re: Remote Management Issues #184262
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Hello Milner132,

For help on your situation please update your AVG Mobilation to latest version 2.9.2

Thank you
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