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January 1, 2011 21:27 AVG Locking Up Multiple Computers #141947
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I have 2 computers running XP SP3, Zone Alarm, and AVG 2011. Both are freezing up during the update during which the only way to get anything done is to force a hardware reboot. One comp is a IMB Laptop Thinkpad T60 and it has all its hardware drivers and IBM software up to date. The other comp is an HP d530 desktop, also up to date. I have ZoneAlarm on both machines.

ZoneAlarm version
TrueVector security engine version
Driver version

AVG 2011, free version
Virus DB: 426/3352
AVG version 10.0.1170

When I try to run an update, the AVG message window comes up....

Core component (version 1435)
Identity Protection (whitelist) (version 260)

The program update is attempting to update to 10.0.1191

I had been caught by the version 1180 error and so had reverted to the 1171 followed by the remove exexcutable provided by AVG to remove all references to version 9 on both machines followed by a new installation of AVG 2011.

On the laptop, I also attempted to uninstall AVG which failed. During that attempt I get the message that a previous installation had been suspended and must be undone to continue the removal. That is followed by the error code 0xC0070644.
January 1, 2011 22:33 Re: AVG Locking Up Multiple Computers #141953
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Have a look @ this Stickie post link For the reinstall part try downloading, saving & using the appropriate full install file either Item 2 or 3 whichever suits your system.

Also for your info there's been an issue with WinXP, ZA & AVG 2011 corrected with the latest ZA version

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