December 15, 2010 09:29 Disable AVG #137407
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Hi I would like to suggest that you give an option to disable AVG for longer than 15min. There are times that I need to run scans that don't like Anti-Virus software. I used to be able to exit AVG for as long as I want by right clicking the icon in the taskbar. I am so frustrated by this that I am looking for alternatives to AVG. At the least I need an option to disable for 30min instead of just 15. But maybe an option to disable until I manually re enable it would be best.
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I actually had to remove avg from my system to perform a scan using another program so that AVG would not interfere. The scan took longer than 15min. I also like to use online virus scanners on occasion and they warn that other anti virus programs can interfere. Those scans can take an hour or more. I have alot of files. The only option is to remove AVG to perform the scan. Then reinstall it after the scan. 15 minutes is not enough time. In fact I would like to add an addendum to the above post and recommend at the minimum a 2 hour disable option. But I still would prefer an option to disable AVG until I am done with whatever scan I am performing. Then I can enable AVG when I am done scanning.
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Have a look thro' this link

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