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November 16, 2010 04:06 Miro 3.5 Install Identifies zugo-silent.exe As Malware #127787
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In installing Miro 3.5, AVG warns that zugo-silent.exe is malware. It was installed to

I instructed AVG to move the files to the virus vault, and now Miro 3.5 will not run properly. AVG Virus Vault indicates 1 process was terminated, 12 files were deleted, and 6 registry keys deleted. I cannot find a way to copy these results to include them.

I contacted Miro support and received this response:

"The zugo-silent installer is now part of our install process. If you say no - we don't install anything on your system, but the files are part of the install process. The alert is a false positive and we keep zugo informed of these so they can contact the anti-virus company to be removed from the list. We've had similar issues in the past with our NSIS installer and other anti-virus programs."

I did not zugo-silent.exe listed in the AVG virus search, so I am looking for confirmation that this is a false-positive and that Miro 3.5 is safe to install.

System details:

Windows version- Vista sp2
AVG version and virus db version-Vs 10.0.1153 Db 424/3259
Other protection software installed-Online Armor firewall

Thank you for your help.

November 16, 2010 07:48 Re: Miro 3.5 Install Identifies zugo-silent.exe As Malware #127789
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Hello jimifasol,

as you did not provide us with the name of detection, I cannot check it against internal list of already known falses.

Please follow steps from this thread to provide our virus specialists with that file for closer analysis (and removing from virus database, if false positive confirmed).

Thank you
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