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November 25, 2009 06:14 Optimization Function/Cache Server In AVG 9 (avgchsv*.exe) #43071
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Optimization function/cache server in AVG 9 (avgchsv*.exe)

What is it?

This function is used to significantly speed up computer scans based on created cache.

How it works?

This function stores information (certificates, checksum, etc.) about files on the hard disk to cache (localized in Application data folder "C:\Document and settings\All users\Application data\AVG9\CHJW" for Windows XP/2000 or "C:\ProgramData\AVG9\CHJW" for Windows Vista/Seven).

Function is running in background in low power mode and caching yet unknown files or modified files from last caching (using NTFS journal).

After AVG 9 installation "Optimization scan" is offered, which searches the Windows and Program files folders, where it detects appropriate files (at the moment those are the *.exe, *.dll and *.sys files) and saves the information on these files. This scan is running in normal mode (with default priority).

When AVG is scanning a file, it asks the cache about the file and if information exists in the cache and the file was not modified, the scan is skipped.


It is recommended to let the optimization scan finish or run soon some AVG scan to create needed cache. During first scan (optimization/virus) minimize the activity on computer and disable all other realtime protection applications to speed up the process and to lower memory usage.

Planned enhancements in future versions will be options to pause this function (next cumulative program update 9.0.790) or to choose drives (hard disks) for caching (now all are cached).

Optimization function/cache server in AVG 9 (avgchsvx.exe).... 32 bit OS system.
Optimization function/cache server in AVG 9 (avgchsva.exe).... 64 bit OS system.

EDIT BIG AL 43.. Cache server can now be enabled or disabled.... Have a look @ Advanced AVG Settings - Cache Server in the User Manual More information is available in FAQ 3287.