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December 14, 2016 13:06 NEW: AVG Antivirus BETA #243109
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Hi beta testers,
today we got something special for you. As you probably noticed AVAST recently acquired AVG and today we release the very first beta version of the new AVG Antivirus done in cooperation with Avast.

Testing notes:
Please delete your previous installation of AVG AntiVirus.
It's not necessary to create AVG Account.

Download links:
AVG AntiVirus Free
Offline 32-bit:
Offline 64-bit:

AVG Internet Security
Offline 32-bit:
Offline 64-bit:

Known issues:
- main scan doesn't scan system drive yet, for full virus scan please use the Quick Scan
- Software analyzer is disabled on Windows XP and Vista
- Data Safe: it is not possible to resize Data Safe when the Data Safe is opened
- Data Safe: error dialogs/states related to Data Safe resizing, closing etc. are not finished
- Data Safe: crating Data Safe in custom path and with creating new folder does not work (custom path selection for existing path works)
- AVG Antivirus does not detect AVG PC Tuneup as installed
- Firewall dialog about new network might be displayed repeatedly after each computer restart
- Missing texts in File Shredder
- Zen: invitation via invitation code does not work

Enjoy this brand new beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.

How to submit your feedback or bug?
- Use ZEN BETA menu for direct feedback/bug
- You can also use this forum to provide us with open feedback