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May 7, 2013 01:53 Log Or Quarantine Spam Messages #228793


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I have the paid version of AVG 2013 for Servers.

I can see my AVG has detected 600 SPAM messages since installing AVG 2013 for Exchange yesterday.

I really need to be able to view these SPAM messages to make sure it is not marking false positives.

Is there anyway for me to do this across all mailboxes on the server?

Either view them individually or a log file.

Does AVG allow you to forward/bcc all SPAM messages to someone (i.e. the admin) ?

If AVG doesn't do this but it is possible to do through Exchange, could someone tell me the steps to do this?

I'm sure this must be a common request.

Thanks smile
May 9, 2013 08:17 Re: Log Or Quarantine Spam Messages #228874


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Hi netpenthe,

Unfortunately there is no public log you can view to check which messages have been marked.

The best way to check such e-mails partially is to search through Exchange Management Console:

- open “Exchange Management Console”
- click on ”Toolbox”
- go to ”Mail flow tools” section and double click the ”Message Tracking”
- click the ”Go to Welcome screen” link

Message Tracking Parameters:

- click the checkbox next to ”Subject” and enter “spam” string (without quotes)
- modify ”Start” and ”End” date according to your needs (uncheck both checkboxes for time unlimited search)
- click ”Next” to see partial info regarding messages marked as SPAM

Or you could redirect a copy of e-mail message marked as SPAM, to do this create a new transport rule:

- open “Exchange Management Console”
- expand “Organization Configuration”
- click “Hub Transport”
- switch to “Transport Rule”
- right click and select “New Transport Rule...”
- create a name for this new rule, make sure it is enabled by the “Enable Rule” check box and click “Next”
- select “when a message header contains specific words” within the “Step 1 : Select condition(s)” section
- click the “message header” link within the “Step 2 : Edit the rule description by click an underlined value” section
- enter “X-Antispam” string (without quotes) and click OK
- click the “specific words” within the same section
- enter “YES” string (without quotes) press the “Add” button and click OK
- click “Next” to enter “Actions” section
- check the “Blind carbon copy (Bcc) the message to addresses” action
- click the “addresses” link below
- click the “Add” button and select recipient according to your needs
- press OK twice
- click “Next” twice
- click the “New” button to create the rule
- click “Finish” to make the rule active

I hope that this helps.

Best Regards,

David Phillips
AVG Customer Services

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