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Where can I send an Android malware app or false positive samples

We have prepared the Where can I send an Android malware app sample? article for situations when you have found a malicious Android app or AVG for Android (Mobilation) falsely detected legitimate application.

AVG Toolbar and Secure Search uninstallation

If you want to completely remove the AVG Secure Search and/or AVG Toolbar and associated browser changes, please follow the How to remove AVG Toolbar, homepage and Secure Search from your browser article where you can find detailed instructions.

General update error

A few users reported general error during AVG update this week. Although a cause of the issue varies across the individual cases, the AVG re-installation will rectify the problem in most cases.

AVG Add-in caused MS Outlook 2013 to crash

We have received reports that MS Outlook 2013 crashed due to AVG 2013 Add-in. The “Outlook detected and add-in problem; AVG Add-in for MS Outlook; This add-in caused Outlook to crash” error message is displayed (screenshot). We would like to inform you that the developers prepared fix for this issue which needs to be tested. If you would like to test it please follow this post on AVG Forums.

How to allow Files and printer sharing in AVG Firewall

If you cannot access files on the computer with AVG Firewall from another computer in your local network, it is most probably caused by disabled Files and printer sharing. The I cannot access files on a PC with AVG Firewall from another PC in my network article contains information how to allow it on your computer.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts or write us on AVG Forums.

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