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November 27, 2012 16:26 Weekly Overview: 48/2012 #221002


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Windows 8 compatibility

We would like to inform you that the AVG 2013 is fully compatible with all versions of Windows 8 except the RT version. You may find more information regarding this topic in the FAQ 5310.

Strange rootkit detected?

Recently, a few AVG users reported unknown rootkit infection detected. Although rootkit techniques could be used by legitimate applications for various purposes (e.g. copy protection), we recommend thorough checking the system if unsure, whether there could be a malicious rootkit present. More information about rootkits and how to remove them can be found in the following FAQ articles:
What is rootkit?
How to deal with rootkits?
If you believe a rootkit is detected while in fact there is no rootkit technique employed, please provide us with more details as described in this AVG Forums post (the Anti-Rootkit False Positives part).

Remove boot execute record unsuccessfully

The Remove boot execute record unsuccessfully NTSTATUS = 0xC0000001 error message is displayed during computer startup after running the AVG PC TuneUp 2013 Registry Defrag. This situation is caused by AVG 2013 and we have prepared temporary fix until AVG update is released.

Installation/upgrade to AVG 2013 is failing

In some cases installation of AVG 2013 is failing. Please click Go online to learn about this issue in the AVG installation error dialogue which will show specific instructions, if available. We have prepared the FAQ 5175 article which can help you if no specific solution is provided.

Activation of new AVG PC TuneUp

AVG PC TuneUp 2013 uses new format of the license number therefore cannot be activated with AVG PC TuneUp 2012 license number. It is necessary to generate compatible license number which can be used for activation. Please visit the AVG upgrade page to generate license number or go to FAQ 3881 for more details.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts or write us on AVG Forums.

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