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November 19, 2012 07:07 Cannot Uninstall AVG 2013 #220614
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Like many others on this forum, I want to uninstall AVG 2013 from a Vista machine but have found I cannot. These are the methods I have tried (all have been unsuccessful):

1. Using Control Panel and "uninstall program" option. The uninstaller appears to work for two minutes and then stops with a "genera error" message. AVG is not removed.

2. Using the AVG removal tools (both avg_remover_stf_x86_2013_2706 and avg_remover_en). The former generates and removal log but does not touch AVG. The latter starts up, asks if I want to remove AVG and when I say I do the pop-up screen disappears and the uninstaller stops. Again, AVG is not touched.

3. I have tried all of the above in Safe Mode and AVG self-protection is disabled.

4. I have also tried uninstallers such as Revo but these rely on AVG's own uninstaller and so they have also been unsuccessful.

The General Error message received when I use control panel suggests a problem with the Windows Installer package. I don't think this is true because I've no problems installing or uninstalling other software.

This is a very serious problem and I'm surprised there is no solution to it yet.

Any help solving this will be appreciated!

Many thanks

December 5, 2012 17:15 Re: Cannot Uninstall AVG 2013 #221322
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Hi Liangshangpo,

We are sorry for these inconveniences with AVG.

I recommend following this article (please rename/remove also the /Program Files/AVG/AVG2013 directory). Now boot into Windows safe mode and run AVG Remover tool once again. Please send me a avgremover.log file to check whether other leftovers were also removed.


AVG Team
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