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Windows cannot boot
Some AVG users reported booting issues after AVG 2013 installation. This issue was caused by the AVGIDSAgent service. We would like to inform you that this issue is resolved in the latest AVG 2013.0.2793 version. Please update your AVG to resolve this issue or follow this post in case that the boot issue persists. Do not hesitate contacting AVG Customer Care experts or AVG Forums if further assistance is needed.

New AVG Mobilation
We would like to introduce the new AVG Mobilation version which was released on November 6th. AVG Mobiliation 3.0 has new sleek & easy-to-use interface for faster and more efficient access to features, tools and sub-categories, improved Anti-Theft feature and more fixes and improvements. You can find more at or at Google play. In case you have any question or feedback for AVG Mobilation specialists do not hesitate contacting them directly through AVG Mobilation -> Settings -> Help -> Contact us form.

System slowed down?
After installing an in-background-running software, like the antivirus, the system is to be expected to slow down as more system resources are being used continuously. While the slowdown is not apparent on new computers, it may be noticeable on slightly older systems. We recommend following suggestions mentioned in the FAQ 5314 or contacting AVG Customer Care experts if further assistance is needed.

Temporarily disable AVG
In some cases you might be asked to disable/uninstall AntiVirus protection prior installing new program. We would like to let you know that AVG has built-in feature which deactivates all components. More information how to temporarily disable AVG can be found in the FAQ 5238. Please do not hesitate contacting AVG customer care experts should you require further assistance.

AVG Family Safety license renewal
Some of AVG Family Safety users experienced difficulties while renewing their protection. We would like to inform you that AVG Family Safety renewals are now working. Those who already paid for the renewal will receive confirmation e-mail that their protection was renewed. Licenses will be valid for paid amount of years starting the date when confirmation e-mail is sent. Do not hesitate contacting AVG Sales department if more information required.

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