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AVG 2012 Service Pack 1 released!

We are happy to inform you the AVG 2012 Service Pack 1 has been released. This major program update brings an updated appearance of the user interface (screenshot), improves your AVG with several new features and rectifies a number of issues reported by users / customers. The most important functional improvements are mentioned in this blog post.
More information about the Service Pack 1 improvements could be found in the following AVG Forums posts. These posts also include information on how to install the AVG 2012 Service Pack 1 update:
AVG Free Edition
AVG paid for versions
You could also find a short review of AVG 2012 Service Pack 1 in this CNET article.

AVG LinkScanner supports Mozilla Firefox 11

Please be informed the AVG Safe Search add-on (responsible for displaying the verdict icons next to your search results) is now fully compatible with Mozilla Firefox 11. Please install AVG 2012 Service Pack 1 if you are using Mozilla Firefox 11 or if the search verdict icons appear to be missing. More information on how to install AVG 2012 Service Pack 1 can be found in the previous paragraph.

AVG Forums spam protection

Spammers targeted AVG Forums in the few past weeks. Therefore, complete forum moderation was enabled as the only efficient counter-measure. This means all postings were reviewed and approved by moderators before being published on forum. While this brought some discomfort to users, it allowed moderators to eliminate 100% of the spam posts.
In the meantime, developers improved automated anti-spam mechanisms, so we can now disable the postings’ moderation. Your postings are immediately published in the forum. Only if the system detects a particular questionable posting, it needs to be approved by moderator.
We invite you to browse AVG Forums and take part in discussions which are interesting for you.

AVG PC Tuneup license issues

A couple of AVG PC Tuneup users reported the AVG PC Tuneup application does not accept their unique license number. Brief analysis indicated the proper license number is used in all cases. The situation has been passed to product specialist for thorough investigation. Unfortunately, the only available work-around at the moment is to re-activate the AVG PC Tuneup license number in our systems. Please contact AVG technical support for assistance should you face similar trouble.

Disabling AVG Secure Search after removing the AVG Security Toolbar

Several users mentioned that the AVG Secure Search configuration remains present after removing the AVG Security Toolbar (more information on removing the AVG Security Toolbar can be found in this FAQ article). The procedures described in the previous weekly overview were not able to remove search provider remnants completely from all the browsers, therefore we have updated the procedures and posted them in AVG Forums. Please refer to this AVG Forums thread, if you wish to change the default search provider in your browser(s).
Should you need any assistance removing the AVG Secure Search provider from your browser(s), please contact AVG technical support or describe the issue in AVG Forums.

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