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AVG Secure Search

The “Google secure search” is often searched term at AVG Forums. It seems users could be confused by AVG Secure search even though we noticed no direct questions on this topic. Please be informed the search is powered by Google, only the results are checked at remote AVG server before displayed in your browser. Warning verdict icons are displayed with suspicious search results.
More information on disabling AVG Secure Search on newly opened tabs in Mozilla Firefox can be found in our previous feedbacks, for example here.
Please feel free to contact AVG technical support or ask at AVG Forums if you have specific questions on AVG Secure Search.

Identity Protection component inactive after program update

Forum moderators reported couple of users who find the Identity Protection component inactive after updating the AVG program. Please be informed the Identity Protection may be inactive until restart if installing an AVG program update. In such situation, the AVG user interface reports a restart is required in order to finalize the update process.
Should the Identity Protection component appear to be disabled even after restarting your system, please contact AVG technical support for assistance or describe the issue in details at AVG Forums.

Strange AVG file names

Several users were confused by strangely named AVG files, mostly the “roc_roc_dec12.exe” file lately. If unsure about a certain file, we recommend checking its digital signature as follows:
- Right-click the respective file and select Properties from the context menu.
- Switch to the Digital Signatures tab.
- Verify that the file is signed by trusted authority as seen on this screenshot.
If unsure about an unsigned suspicious file, please send it to our virus specialists for analysis as described in this AVG Forums post or contact AVG Technical support.

Mozilla Thunderbird plugin

A few AVG users noticed the E-mail Scanner Thunderbird plugin is not compatible with the most recent Mozilla Thunderbird version. Please be informed the Thunderbird plugin development is going to be discontinued as it brings no significant benefits to Thunderbird users when comparing it with the Personal E-mail Scanner service (plugin).
Please remove the Thunderbird plugin and install Personal E-mail Scanner service (plugin) for Mozilla Thunderbird (and for other e-mail client applications except MS Outlook which has its own plugin). More information on e-mail scanner plugins can be found in FAQ 4385 AVG Free Edition & FAQ 4448 AVG commercial version.

iTunes store not accessible

A few AVG Family Safety users mentioned they cannot access the iTunes store. The situation has been rectified after removing AVG Family Safety. Should you face similar situation (with AVG Family Safety installed), please feel free to follow this updated procedure.
We look forward to your feedback posted on AVG Forums.

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