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February 10, 2012 14:52 Weekly Overview: 07/2012 #190346
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Strange AVG file names

Several users were confused by strangely named AVG files, mostly the “roc_roc_dec12.exe” file lately. If unsure about a certain file, we recommend checking its digital signature as follows:
- Right-click the respective file and select Properties from the context menu.
- Switch to the Digital Signatures tab.
- Verify that the file is signed by trusted authority as seen on this screenshot.
If unsure about an unsigned suspicious file, please send it to our virus specialists for analysis as described in this AVG Forums post or contact AVG Technical support.

AVG Security Toolbar log file

Several AVG users reported high disk space usage by AVG Security toolbar log file. Please be informed this issue has been rectified with recent AVG 2012 program update. Here you can find release notes for the mentioned program update (Hotfix 10). Should you face similar difficulties, please update your AVG by clicking the Update now button in the AVG user interface.

MS Outlook is freezing when AVG Anti-Spam is installed

AVG Forums users reported MS Outlook startup is slowed down, sometimes freezing. This issue was caused by AVG Anti-Spam component if user has the MS Outlook plugin for AVG E-mail Protection installed. The issue has been rectified with the recently released AVG 2012 program update (Hotfix 10; release notes).
Should you face such difficulties, please update your AVG by clicking the Update now button in the AVG user interface.

iTunes store not accessible

A few AVG Family Safety users mentioned they cannot access the iTunes store. The situation has been rectified after removing AVG Family Safety. Should you face similar situation (with AVG Family Safety installed), please feel free to follow this procedure and post your feedback on AVG Forums.


In the past week, we noted several users fighting rootkits on AVG Forums. Please note that although AVG detects rootkit-like behavior, some of the detected rootkits could be used by legitimate applications and does not mean any harm. Before removing a rootkit, make sure it is not used by legitimate software. If unsure, please contact AVG technical support for assistance.
Please check these FAQ articles in case you would like to know more about rootkits and their removal:
What is rootkit?
How to deal with rootkits?
Modern rootkits overwriting the Master Boot Record (MBR) may sometimes prevent the MBR sector from being fixed when the operating system is running (and the rootkit itself is active). In such case, the MBR needs to be overwritten with the host operating system offline. This can be done by the Windows recovery console.
Rewriting the MBR improperly may prevent the operating system from booting. We recommend performing this operation only if you are absolutely sure or if asked to do so by AVG technical support (detailed information will be provided in such case). More information about rewriting the MBR sector can be found in this AVG Forums article. After fixing the MBR sector, we strongly recommend running a full computer scan using updated AVG to remove possible infection remnants.
Please do not hesitate contacting AVG technical support if an infection cannot be removed or is repeatedly coming back after its removal.

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