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White-listed files

Please be informed crucial system files are white-listed by AVG. This mechanism prevents damaging the operating system when such critical file is infected by malware. AVG will not remove it and user is informed that the file is white-listed. This raises a question how to remove the infection completely then?
- As the first step, we recommend browsing specialized AVG removal utilities on this web page. Simply type a few letters of the infection name to search for suitable removal utility. If there is suitable utility found, download it and proceed according to the displayed instructions to heal the infected files. These specialized virus removal utilities will actually “heal” the infected files by surgically removing the altered malware code only keeping the original code.
- If there is no suitable virus removal utility available, the infected file needs to be replaced with a clean copy of it. Clean copy of a system file could be found on original installation media, in the same operating system running on a clean computer or in a backup (if available). More information on how to replace a system file can be found in this AVG Forums article.
- If you suspect the detected file is in fact clean and harmless, please provide it to our virus analysts as described in this AVG Forums post.


In the past week, we noted several users fighting rootkits on AVG Forums. Please note that although AVG detects rootkit-like behavior, some of the detected rootkits could be used by legitimate applications and does not mean any harm. Before removing a rootkit, make sure it is not used by legitimate software. If unsure, please contact AVG technical support for assistance.
Please check these FAQ articles in case you would like to know more about rootkits and their removal:
What is rootkit?
How to deal with rootkits?
Modern rootkits overwriting the Master Boot Record (MBR) may sometimes prevent the MBR sector from being fixed when the operating system is running (and the rootkit itself is active). In such case, the MBR needs to be overwritten with the host operating system offline. This can be done by the Windows recovery console.
Rewriting the MBR improperly may prevent the operating system from booting. We recommend performing this operation only if you are absolutely sure or if asked to do so by AVG technical support (detailed information will be provided in such case). More information about rewriting the MBR sector can be found in this AVG Forums article. After fixing the MBR sector, we strongly recommend running a full computer scan using updated AVG to remove possible infection remnants.
Please do not hesitate contacting AVG technical support if an infection cannot be removed or is repeatedly coming back after its removal.

AVG search on newly opened Firefox tabs

A few users mentioned on forums they would like to disable the AVG default new tab page (which includes AVG secure search). This feature could be disabled by clicking the Settings link in lower-right corner of the newly opened tab as seen on this screenshot (note the Settings link is not available on home page, it is present only on newly opened tabs).
- Modify the Show AVG Secure Search Box on new tabs in the browser as you wish.
- Click OK to save your configuration.

AVG requesting system restart repeatedly

AVG Forums users reported AVG requesting restart repeatedly after completing the AVG update process. This issue is likely caused by certain update files could not been renamed for some reason.
Please proceed as follows to rectify the situation:
- Navigate to the following folder (some files and folders are hidden by default operating system configuration):
…or (if using Windows XP):
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg2012\cfg\
- Verify that the updatecomps.cfg.prepare file is present in this folder.
- Delete the updatecomps.cfg file.
- Rename the updatecomps.cfg.prepare to updatecomps.cfg.
Please contact AVG technical support should you need further assistance.

Battlefield 3 network gameplay limited by firewall

A few Battlefield 3 users reported network connectivity issues resolved after disabling AVG Firewall in past. Previously, we recommended disabling the Intrusion Detection System. However, thorough testing performed in our environment revealed no connectivity issues with AVG Firewall enabled. Please see this AVG Forums post to find out more.

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