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September 27, 2011 21:39 Update Required Notice #174530
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My AVG icon is showing a "!", and when I bring up the program it says that I might not be protected: "Database out of date". It says that the last update was 10 minutes ago, and is version number 271.1.1/3869. When I click on update, it checks and comes back and says that it is already up to date, and at the same time says that it is out of date.

Any idea what gives?

September 27, 2011 22:09 Re: Update Required Notice #174533
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@ mdudley

OK Marshall, I'm afraid if you were currently up-to-date you'd actually be showing 271.1.1/3922 on your AVG GUI....

Please upload the "avgupd.log" and "avgupdm.log" files in an archive to the forum or some online storage for brief analysis as described in this how-to article plus please provide us with the MSinfo output.

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