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May 25, 2012 14:36 Weekly Overview: 22/2012 #204411
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AVG tray icon has disappeared

Several users reported in forums the AVG tray icon disappeared. Our forum member Keldin mentioned the issue has been rectified after cleaning the tray icon history manually in his case. That was later confirmed by another user. Should you face a similar issue, feel free to follow Keldin’s recommendations. Should you require more detailed instructions or should the issue persist, please post your comment in AVG Forums and our moderators will describe the procedure in more details.
Alternatively, please contact AVG customer care experts for further guidance.

System slowed down?

After installing an in-background-running software, like the antivirus, the system is to be expected to slow down as more system resources are being used continuously. While the slowdown is not apparent on new computers, it may be noticeable on slightly older systems. We strongly recommend checking hardware requirements before installing similar software. AVG Free Edition minimal and recommended system configuration can be found in this forum post.
Also, please note that running more resident security applications often slows the system down. It is recommended to use only one resident (on-access) security software. If you would like to install additional software, make sure to install only the on-demand components. Having more resident security modules running may even cause trouble when removing a detected infection, at the end of the day.
In case you would like AVG technical support agents to investigate a slowdown issue noticed after AVG installation, please do not hesitate contacting AVG customer care experts or describe the situation in AVG Forums.

Rootkit detected

A few users mentioned an unknown rootkit is detected by AVG, identifying a corrupt section in the win32k.sys file. Such situation could be caused by having more active anti-virus applications installed (or not removed completely). Please see an example case in this AVG Forums thread. Should you face a similar situation, please uninstall other active anti-virus software to avoid conflicts. Should the issue persist, or there is no other anti-virus software installed to your knowledge, please contact our friendly customer care experts or describe the situation in AVG Forums.
More information on running multiple anti-virus applications can be found in this FAQ article.

Anti-Virus inactive?

AVG Forums visitors sometimes report AVG Anti-Virus component is inactive. This issue is usually caused by hardware failure. We recommend running memory and hard drive tests to check your hardware health should you face similar situation. If the tests reveal that any of the RAM modules or hard drives is faulty, please consult local computer repair shop or your computer vendor for further guidance. The respective faulty component will need to be replaced.
If the hardware appears to be perfectly healthy and the issue persists, please contact AVG customer care experts or describe the issue in AVG Forums to allow us investigate the issue.

Disabling AVG Secure Search after removing the AVG Security Toolbar

A few AVG users mentioned that the AVG Secure Search configuration remains present after removing the AVG Security Toolbar (more information on removing the AVG Security Toolbar can be found in this FAQ article). The procedures described in the previous weekly overview were not able to remove search provider remnants completely from all the browsers, therefore we have updated the procedures and posted them in AVG Forums. Please refer to this AVG Forums thread, if you wish to change the default search provider in your browser(s).
Alternatively, you could find detailed instructions in one of the following FAQ articles:
AVG Free Edition
AVG paid for versions

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