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AVG 2012 Installation error 0xE001003E on 64-bit operating systems

AVG 2012 installation may fail and report the abovementioned error in some cases. Although this situation is still being investigated, it seems that there is an explanation for 64-bit systems. In case you are facing this error while installing AVG 2012 on your 64-bit system, please make sure to read this AVG Forums post.
Should you face the situation on 32-bit operating system or the issue is not resolved on 64-bit system as described above, please contact AVG technical support for further assistance.

Restricted regions

We received couple of complaints on AVG no longer available in some regions. We regret to inform you that Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan are classified as restricted countries currently (to assure compliance with regulations applicable to AVG). Users from these countries are not able to access AVG website (based on GEO IP).
Customers who already purchased some AVG product in these countries are entitled for compensation. Please follow the displayed instructions to contact AVG Technologies, if required.
Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

AVG Mobilation lock screen

AVG Mobilation users may notice the Mobilation lock screen has been changed after the recent 2.9 program update. Lock screen can be enabled and its configuration changed using the AVG Mobilation web control panel.
Feel free to visit AVG Forums should you face any challenge while using AVG Mobilation.

New AVG Toolbar

Couple questions on AVG Toolbar changes were posted on AVG Forums. The AVG Toolbar has been completely reworked, therefore it lacks some of features included in previous version at the moment. We are working on implementing the popular features in one of the upcoming AVG program updates. Please note that the previous version of toolbar is not compatible with the Firefox 7 browser.
Examples of the previous version and current version of AVG Toolbar below can be found on this screenshot.
The current version of toolbar may not be installed while upgrading AVG 2011 to AVG 2012 in some cases. To rectify such situation, please reinstall AVG 2012 completely (involving AVG Remover in the process) as described in these forum articles:
AVG 2012 Free Edition
AVG 2012 paid products

AVG for Linux: User interface wanted?

During the past months, we received a couple of requests for implementing graphical user interface to AVG for Linux. More people are installing Linux on their laptops these days and would appreciate graphical user interface for anti-virus sometimes. Also, the graphical user interface may be important for SMB sector using Linux solutions on their workstations. Please feel free to join AVG Forums and share your comments and ideas in these forum threats:
AVG Free Edition for Linux (home segment)
AVG for Linux (SMB)
Your feedback will be provided to developers.

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