25.4.2012 22:34 FUCK AVG #2709
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Datum připojení: 25.4.2012
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Why does AVG think I need this add-on to my browsers? I did not ask for it, but it was installed anyway...that really s***s for a companylike AVG!
Also removal seems to be impossible which is even worse!
What I want:
1. Personal help to get rid of this malware.
2. A serious compensation for my time trying to remove it (one evening)

Hope I get response otherwise be pretty sure that I will never never again use you products, will shout that statement on every forum I can find, and already contacted the customer TV show RADAR in the Netherlands. Pretty sure they will pick it up in their shows...
Waiting for your reply AVG, Grtz, Alex Faasse - the Netherlands
26.4.2012 06:45 Re: FUCK AVG #2711
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Datum připojení: 23.9.2009
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Dear Alex,

We would like to inform you that the installation of AVG Security Toolbar is optional. There is the option I would like to set AVG Secure Search as my default search provider and I would like to install the AVG Security Toolbar during the installation process.

Please follow the FAQ 4334 and this topic in order to remove the AVG Security Toolbar and AVG Secure Search from your computer and internet browsers.

Do not hesitate to contact us again if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you for choosing AVG.
______________AVG TeamJak na? | FAQ
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