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January 29, 2014 15:32 Automating Rescue CD #239575
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AVG Rescue CD has been an invaluable tool for me. My mom seems to get a new virus every month or two and somehow, ever time, the rescue disc can clear it up. I'm hoping to automate the process so she can just put the rescue disc into the computer, boot from it, and automatically scan and remove anything infected. I started doing this in arl.conf and it seems to be working up until the scan when I get the error "1.9G Object scan failed; Specified file was not found." Anybody have recommendations for what to do next? Also, I would love the rescue disc to automatically check for updated virus definitions before scanning, is there a way to automate that? Any help would be much appreciated. I'll post the arl.conf below.

infobox "EULA" "Modified ARL is at your own risk!"

local scan_options="--arc --heur --pup --pup2"
local scan_report_file="/mnt/usb/scan_report_`ifconfig eth0 | awk '/inet addr/{sub(/addr:/,\"\",$2); print $2}'`"
local volumes="`echo \$(awk -F \\\" '{print $2}' $SCAN_VOLUMES_FILE)`"

avgscan -T $scan_options --heal --report "$scan_report_file" $VALUE $volumes