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August 25, 2012 07:09 Registry Issue #215146
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Whenever I try to apply new scan setting in my AVG 10 (2011) I get this error:
**** An error occurred when saving configuration*****
***** The specified registry does not exist****

Any help will be greatly appreciated innocent
August 28, 2012 13:18 Re: Registry Issue #215274
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Hi 5kewrd,

Sorry for not replying to your post sooner, it has been a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.

Can you let us know the steps you are taking to change the scan settings?

If possible can you provide us with the current configuration - (avgcfgctl -f config.txt). Please attach this to your next post. For information on providing Moderators with files, please visit this link -


Michael Allen

AVG Customer Services

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